Tuesday, 19 April 2011

More colour!

I decided to combine two of my favourite fabrics, vibrant corduroy in fresh, spring colours and patches of striped canvas from Maison d'Artiga.
The result are these (so far) two Maia zippered clutches, one in red, pink & purple combination and the other in robin egg blue & yellow mustard. I lined both purses with cheerful floral prints in matching colours and decorated the zipppers with handmade polymer clay beads.

I love saturated hues of these new purses but somehow their true colours don't always show in the photos of Etsy listings. I thought my computer screen was to blame so I opened several photos in different programmes - it turns out Etsy makes all pictures look duller and less sharp compared to same pictures, published on Flickr, Facebook and other places...
Other fellow Etsyians confirmed that it is the case in their shops as well. So for future listings on Etsy I will have to push the contrast and saturation up in PhotoShop and sharpen all the images.

:: same picture on Etsy and in PhotoShop window ::

Are any of you having the same observations? Please share!


  1. Jaa, to sem pa tudi jaz že gledala. Slika pri meni izgleda OK, ko jo dam v trgovinico, pa obupna. In potem popravljam, pa sem pri sebi zadovoljna.. na Etsyju pa spet ne :(
    Ehh.. na koliko reči bi moral biti človek pozoren.
    Sicer sta pa luštni torbici. Le zakaj ima angleščina toliko kjut izrazov za tele tvoje izdelke, slovenščina pa tako malo?

  2. Yes - I have exactly the same issues with my Etsy photos and it drives me insane! I spend a lot of time fiddling with the images and they look so good and then I upload them to Etsy and bam! They suck. It's very frustrating. I wish they would sort that out.

    And it's difficult to get the right balance when you fiddle too much with saturation and contrast and levels and all that stuff.

  3. Se strinjam s tabo, na Etsyju slike izgubijo barvo in ostrino. Najprej sem se zafrkavala, zdaj pa točno vem, kako morajo izgledati na mojem ekranu, da izgledajo o.k. na Etsyju Jaz jim dodam kontrast in malo reguliram barvo. Grejo pa vse po istem kopitu, tako da jih kar hitro popravim :)
    Tvoje krasne torbice so videti lepe!

  4. Hvala, thanks!

    For each design I now make two picture folders on my computer - one with neat, PhotoShopped pictures and one with Etsy Photoshopped pictures that JUMP out of my screen only to look "decent" on Etsy. Oh, well...


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