Sunday, 22 May 2011

Work in progress

I am having another one of my sewing weekends!
With the husband and children gone to grandma's, I have a house to myself. That means I have set my sewing station on the kitchen table, where I can cut the fabric and sew while I watch TV. And thanks to Elisa from Pesky cat designs, who has infected me with the sudden need for some British humour, I have spent the whole morning clicking through episodes of Keeping up Appearances on Youtube. It is hilarious even if you don't keep your eyes on the screen all of the time...

Here is my progress so far:
I have finished one new hipster bag in upholstery canvas and upcycled men's tie and have two more bags just a few stitches away - they will both have a starfish applique in front and cotton webbing adjustable straps. I hope to be able to take pictures before the dark and list them tonight!


  1. Oh Damjana, I LOVE "Keeping up Appearances"! Glorious Mrs. Bucket, sorry Bouqueeeeeeee(t)!!! Good advice Elisa!!! :-)
    And I also give you a tip for the next kiddie free weekend: "Are you being served?", British too, where you can enjoy another lady, Mrs. Slocombe with the pink and purple hair!

    I love that starfish design! Well done!!

  2. hehehe I am glad I gave you some fun video watching ideas.

    The new bags look fantastic! I am glad you had a fun and creative weekend!

  3. I love your new bags! The starfish is so cute!
    Thanks for popping by... yes, we are now in Dubai, although only in a temporary apartment until all the permits/paperwork are sorted. Can't wait to find our own place and get settled :)


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