Friday, 3 August 2012

August news

Hello, my friends,

our move is still very much on the way, there are boxes of stuff everywhere in the house and I am slowly making sense of it, finding the right place for everything and throwing as much as I can away (the hardest part for me since I am a gatherer by nature...). I have managed to organise the rooms we use the most but my sewing room is still one big pile of boxes, waiting to be sorted out when I return from my summer holidays...

Here is a glimpse of our new home, the house is a modern, energy saving square wooden structure with lively coloured exterior and a flat roof. So far I am trying to grow some grass in one part the garden for children's play but most of our land is still untamed wilderness that will have to wait for an experienced gardener with some serious tools and knowledge in weed control. Our row of houses is situated next to cycling/walking path and many beautiful field flowers grow along that path - Lily picked me this lovely bouquet yesterday (she turned 4 yesterday but the big birthday celebration is schedulled for next week in Slovenia).
We like to enjoy our late afternoons on the sunny terasse in front of our living room but will have to wait another year or so before the land sets in completely and we can build something on the pebbles (pictured here with my favourite if completely warn down summer shoes).

And in all this moving and cleaning frenzy I didn't notice that my Etsy shop celebrated it's 3rd anniversary last week! The shop is on slow mode these days and I am grateful to all who include my items in their beautiful treasuries - thank you! After this weekend I will have to put the shop on standby until the end of August, when I return with fresh ideas for new designs.

Have a lovely weekend and see you soon!

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