Thursday, 15 November 2012

Week in pictures

I am introducing a weekly post of selected Instagram pictures that sum up a week of inspiration, work, and fun behind Loddelina designs.
Sadly, I had to make my Instagram account private because it got spammed beyond control so unless you are following my feed you can no longer see the pictures (you are welcome to look for my account under @loddelina and send a request to follow).

First here are some images from week before last, spent in Slovenia, visiting my family, running some errands and sometimes walking my parents' dog Miško.

I spotted this old couple in Ljubljana one day - they were holding hands like newlyweds, exchanging a few words but mostly silently walking alongside, enjoying each other's company. And then there's Miško, enjoying his treat after a long walk. The woods around my parents' house are magical this time of year and even old churches look mysterious on dark and cloudy days.

Second set of pictures was taken back in France, where days are getting quite chilly and in the morning everyting is covered with a layer of frost  - I find this very charming excep when I have to scrape it off the windshield before driving my children to school. But frosty foggy mornings mean beautiful sunny afternoons so Tigger the cat spends as much time in the fresh air as possible - if not, he gets very bored in the evenings...

Have a nice Friday and the weekend head!

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Teden v slikah (skrajšana verzija, je že pozna ura...)

Tokrat nekaj slikovnih utrinkov iz moje Instagramove galerije - profil sem bila prisiljen zakleniti za javnost, ker so me do vratu zasuli s spamom. (Tako so slike trenutno dostopne le sledilcem, če pa želite to postati, me na Instagramu najdete pod @loddelina).
Prvi šopek slik je z mojega obiska Slovenije, drugi pa je nastal po vrnitvi v Francijo.

Želim en prijazen petek in lep vikend!

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