Thursday, 22 November 2012

Week in pictures

Taken from my Instagram album:
Another week deeper into winter and the streets of Pontarlier are putting on their Christmas decoration. Somebody in our house doesn't seem to be impressed by approaching holidays - Tigrou enjoys quiet time when children are at school...
Sunsets are particularly picturesque this time of year and there are some lovely winter flowers and branches growing near our house, perfect for a bouquet.

And tonight I listed four new items in my shop: three sets of Christmas ornaments and a new zippered pouch. You are welcome to take a closer look!

Teden v slikah
iz mojega Instagram albuma: mesto Pontarlier se odeva v božično okrasje, maček Tigr se za to ne zmeni in uživa v dopoldanski tišini, ko sta otroka v šoli. V tem času so sončni zahodi še posebej slikoviti in okoli hiše najdem lep pušeljc suhih vej za v vazo!
In v moji trgovini so štirje novi izdelki, trije kompletki hišk okraskov in ena nova puščica na zadrgo. Vabljeni na ogled!


  1. Your pouch is very pretty Damjana. So many people, including me, are making those pouches now and I like how they are all different, how everyone has a unique style. And I find that they are easy to sell, because they are so very practical.
    LOVE your sweet little houses! :-)

    I enjoyed your video - I visited Slovenia and had a very pleasant time in this beautiful and so VERY clean country! :-)

    Thank you for your dear comment in my blog! :-)

    1. It is always a pleasure to hear from you, Yael,
      Thank you and have a calm weekend :)


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