Friday, 15 March 2013

Bag loving blogs Blog Hop

Christine, a talented blogger from ChrisW Designs blog suggested this blog hop, a wonderful way for all bag makers to get to know eachother.
If you wish to join, follow Christine's instructions:

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What do you have to do? It's easy! (Please note links now require approval due to spamming :( so will be approved after all 3 steps have been carried out! Please make sure your blog has posts about BAGS!)
Step 1) Just add your blog link below by clicking on the "Click here To Enter" link and follow the easy steps to add your blog!
*Step 2) IMPORTANT! Click on the "Get the code here" link shown to grab your copy of the code and add it to your blog! Please include these instructions so that new members will know what to do! :)
*Step 3) Grab this button: (Right Click and Save)
and pop it in your sidebar linking to your Bag Lovin Blog Hop post so that we can leave this blog hop open and people can keep finding it and hopping on! :) 
After all 3 steps have been completed, your link will be approved and added to the blog hop! :)
That's it! :)
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Happy hopping!

Poziv vsem "torbičarkam"!

Če želite sodelovati v tej blogovski izmenjavi, sledite navodilom, ki jih najdete na zgornji povezavi in se pridružite rastočemu seznamu blogov ter spoznajte še druge sorodno kreativne duše. Hop!

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