Tuesday, 12 March 2013


After I posted my last story about learning how to crochet again, the flu season came around and between nursing my children and myself for weeks, everything had to be put on hold...

But I am back, with some fresh, colourful items in my shop, which is better than a vitamin shot as far as I am concerned.

First I finished the bag I started working on before I fell ill - it is a small shoulder bag Pippa, adorned with freshly picked crochet flowers. It felt strange to pick up my work after a month's pause, I am not yet sure what to think of it but as every new thing it needs time to set in. I have made some new, vibrant crochet flowers in the meantime and I am determined to give it another try.

And last week, to my great surprise, one of Loddelina items made it to Etsy's front page! Features of this kind have been few and far between so I was delighted to see how much attention little coin purse got afterwards, there were tons of hearts and shop views. So many in fact that I decided to make more of this reverse star applique design - and here they are, four new coin purses in my shop since last night.

four new coin purses are now available in my shop

I wish you all a great week ahead!

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Kmalu po moji zadnji objavi nas je ujela epidemija gripe in ko sem končno pozdravila sebe in otroka, je bil naokrog ves mesec. Zdaj sem spet v formi, z novimi pisanimi torbicami v trgovini. Najprej sem dokončala torbico Pippa, okrašeno z mojimi kvačkanimi rožicami - hecno, po enomesečni prekinitvi mi prvotna ideja nekako ni več sedla v srce, a za prvi poskus bo v redu, čaka me še cel kup novo nakvačkanih rožic in odločena sem, da bom poskusila še enkrat.
Zadnji teden pa se je zgodil manjši čudež, moja mala denarnica z zvezdo je prišla na Etsyjevo prvo stran, kar se ni pripetilo že celo večnost, zato sem še toliko bolj vesela vseh srčkov in obiskov trgovine, ki so sledili. Odločila sem se, da hitro zašijem še nekaj novih barvnih inačic zvezde in zdaj so tukaj, v moji trgovini.
Lep teden želim vsem skupaj!


  1. Replies
    1. Grazie, Mary, I enjoyed playing with colours, I think I will make more of them soon!

  2. How pretty! Found you via ChrisW's blog hop.. will be following you!

    1. Thank you so much! I will post a blog hop tomorrow, it is so nice to see this many bag makers in one place!

  3. Love the Pippa bag and the reversible coin purse. I have "Hopped over here". Glad I signed up for it.

  4. Really cute!! I found you from Emmaline Bags blog:) Congratulations on the Etsy front page!!

  5. Beautiful purse with the crocheted flowers. And the starfish coin purses are adorable. They look so lovely hanging on display. Congrats on your front page!


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