Monday, 18 March 2013

Easter eggs

I am loooonging for spring, so much more since mother nature sent another shippment of snow when we were all ready for flowers instead.

I started with Easter decorations this weekend, I blowed out some eggs (for the very first time, turns out it is very easy) but wasn't sure how I wanted to decorate these empty shells. At the end I decided to leave them naturally brown and make some paper hangings instead.

A while ago I picked up a couple of old, yellowing books at the local antique store. For paper Easter eggs I ripped out some pages and leaving them together, drew my egg shape in pencil and then sewed down the middle with my sewing machine. The thread kept tangling up so I ended up piercing only the holes with my sewing machine's needle and later sewing the line by hand. (Needless to say, pardon the pun, I had to replace my needle later as paper sewing damages it too much for fabric use).

Once the sewing was done, I left a longer piece of thread on top to attach the egg and then I cut the shape out. I carefully folded all the pages up and sorted them evenly around the centre. One may use more sheets of paper to create a thickly layered egg or use less and glue them together alternating between top and bottom to get the accordion effect.

The three paper eggs hang from our dining table pendent lamp and the three natural egg shells ended up  in a little wire basket, on top of some paper straw and cuttings from the same book pages, accompanied by a pink pot flower.

Happy decorating!

Velikonočna jajčka
Že kar meša se mi od pričakovanja pomladi, zunaj pa spet nova pošiljka snega! Kljub temu se ne dam in sem se prejšnji vikend lotila velikonočnega okraševanja jedilne mize. Na visečo svetilko nad mizo sem obesila tri papirnata jajčka, izrezana iz porumenelih listov stare knjige, zašitih skupaj, izpihane jajčne lupine pa sem položila v žičnato košarico, postlano s papirnato slamo in izrezki iz iste knjige.
Veselo okraševanje!

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