Friday, 9 October 2009

My chillout zone

The thing I love most about living in Germany is biergartens. These simple Bavarian restaurants that offer drinks and food around lunch hour and in the evening, always include a garden, where, thanks to new gas heaters, one can eat well into the cold season.

My favourite Augsburg biergarten is Kolperhütte, just 10 minutes away from our house, a nice stroll through the park along the bicycle path, no cars or motocycles, only dog walkers and mothers with strollers. The biergarten opens around noon, just in time for me to stop for a latte machiatto after Lily has finally fallen asleep in her pram. I like to sit in one of their striped lounge chairs and slowly sip my coffee while I read some magazines (OK, they are glossy gossip magazines, but I like to put my brain on standby every once in a while...).

Sometimes, when I don't feel like cooking on a Saturday and the weather is too nice to stay inside, we take the whole family to eat at the biergarten - during the summer they had live music playing every afternoon, in football (soccer) season they switch on the big screen TV and beer bills go sky-high...


  1. Looks very chillout worthy. I'd love to go :)

  2. you live in Germany??that is too kewl--I thought you lived in Amsterdam. Im out of touch.

    Great re-laxery spot!Im jealous!

  3. What a wonderful way to spend the afternoon!! The striped chair looks so inviting. Is that sand on the ground? How lucky to have such a cool chillout zone!

  4. There are pebbles on the ground, they cover the whole bicycle path throught the park and beyond, to the outskirts of town.

    I like the fact that in Augsburg one can get around on foot, by bicycle or tram, not needing the car at all except for heavy shopping.
    Augsburg, not Amsterdam... but funny you should say that, Asterdam was one of my husband's job options before we came here. Definitely not our last location...


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