Friday, 2 October 2009

United colours of electricity

This a bit angry looking robot is in fact an international traveler's plug adapter - it features a standard German socket (also compatible in many other European countries) and five different plugs that are used in Italy, Switzerland, UK, Australia and USA.

The adapter is one of many gadgets and gizmos my husband is packing tonigt for his business trip. Yes, the world has gotten smaller, but also much more complicated...


  1. I remeber when my bestfriend and I went to Paris/London (I was 18) we hadn't given any thought to the outlets being different from ours. It kind of blew our mind trying to figure out how we were going to plug our hair dryers in. It acually took us a while to search for an adapter. At least you are prepared to go anywhere!

  2. Ahh yes! We still have quite a few appliances we bought when we lived in London and they all hang out with their own chunky adapter buddy.
    : ) ~ Alisa


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