Sunday, 4 October 2009

Sunday treasury feature

This morning one of my hearts, the Winter romance, got featured in this lovely
In the Mint'ime Treasury West by JemmDeeCreations. Mirna, who owns a jewelry shop on Esy, made this stunning minty fresh collection of items in lovely frosty shades of pale blue. Thank you!

And this evening my Cool, Calm and Collected treasury made the Front Page! I noticed it by accident when I checked my sellection and saw some FP related comments underneath - waiting in my Etsy conversations box were some encouraging convos as well so thank you everyone for liking it so much!


  1. The treasury above is just stunning! I think it will make the front page for sure. The blue tones are so soothing and all the items are gorgeous.
    Congratulations to your cool, calm and collected treasury making it to the front page. Bravo!!


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