Thursday, 15 October 2009

Warm and wooly winter

I checked the Treasury list yesterday to see when the next opening will be and gave up when I saw it will not happen before 3 AM...
But someone was up late and lovely Maggie from UK, who runs Etsy shop englishpreserves, has included my grey Malina purse in her Warm and wooly sellection - a perfect remedy for cold and icy weather. Thank you!


  1. Dear Damjana,

    Your and work is lovely and your English is perfect! You are so very welcome!!! I was happy to include your darling bag in the treasury. I was up late, completing an order, and tried to keep an eye on the treasury list. It said about an hour to go when I first began watching it, but it took way less time, thank God!
    Your blog is fab and I will follow it now, too!

  2. Beautiful treasury and the cutest warm and wooly purse! Front page worthy for sure.

    I agree with Maggie, you have a fab blog! :)

  3. oh, ladies, you make me blush... :)


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