Friday, 4 December 2009

The Holiday Gift Giveaway at City of Dionne

"Bee happy" decorative heart by Loddelina

Hello from Slovenia,
We arrived late last night and I just found a few moments to escape to the computer (I love visiting my hometown but always have such a busy schedule with all the errands and visits...)

If you are interested in some free handmade goodies (who isn't?), here is a link to the wonderful City of Dionne, that is hosting a big Holiday Gift Giveaway full of beautiful Etsy treasures (I am participating with a decorative heart Bee happy).
Dionne will chose three lucky winners from all the entries and send them three yummy packages full of little presents at the end of the giveaway early next year.

What a way to start a New Year!


  1. Each year and you are happy

    I hope you always be happy and celebrate every year a lot of holidays

  2. Sadly Im too spacey to figure out how this give away works but I encourage you to give me any and all of your hand made goodies!--Hey!...its the flipping holidays..hand it over!haha



  3. Hey, girl, just leave a comment under the giveaway post on Dionne's blog, telling her all about the wonderful wacky dolls you are making as xmas presents to your loved ones...

    Have a great holiday!

  4. That ornament is just beautiful!


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