Monday, 7 December 2009

Two new Treasury features

Quite a busy weekend in Etsy world!
I got featured in two Etsy treasuries; the first one was curated by Inkesque and has a warm and delicious feel of fresh cup of coffee (I take mine with milk and one sugar, please). My chocolate and oatmeal wooly backpack fits in perfectly with all the cozy shades of brown.

The second one, chosen by CityOf Dionne, has a holiday theme and features one of my hearts. I like the colours Dionne selected for this treasury, proving there is more to Christmas than red, white and green...
Thank you!
Update 8-12-09
Dionne's Treasury made it to the Front Page this morning! This brought a lot of views and hearts to both the featured heart and my shop.


  1. Congratulations! Both these lists are absolutely gorgeous. Your pretty creations fit perfectly in these lovely treasuries!

  2. Congrats. That's awesome. Dionne has divine taste!


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