Saturday, 26 December 2009

Quiet days

It's was bank holiday today in Germany and the streets have been empty for almost four days now, ever since the shops closed early in the afternoon on Thursday.

Christmas day was cold and cloudy so we decided to take the children to the Augsburg Zoo, one of the few establishments that never close their doors. The park was emptier than usual but still lively enough so the animals weren't completely bored - some of them didn't even notice the damp weather.

I like Augsburg Zoo - although not very large, it is well designed so the animals have spacious and very dynamic living areas with nice, easy-on-the-stroller paths running through the park (not to mention their lovely restaurant-biergarten where we always have lunch after the long walk).

And here is all that was left of our Christmas gift wrapping. I did it in a bit of a hurry, trying to hide it from the children. I wanted them to distribute the presents and since they can't read yet I drew our "portraits" on small paper cards and glued them to the parcels...

In the meantime, in the land of Etsy, Loddelina got featured in three lovely treasuries, one of them making it to the Front Page! Thank you so much, Jackie, Aldona and Rhiannon!


  1. I went to the zoo with my kids often when we still lived in Holland, they loved it! Always a great outing.

  2. We always visit zoos when we find one when traveling, without kids ! Hubby and I love zoos !


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