Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Craft Hope for Haiti

picture source: crafthope.com

Mateja, creative soul behind the lovely shop Funchi, blogged today about her participation in a very special project: crafthope. After the devastating earthquaqe in Port au Prince a new Etsy shop opened, selling donated handmade items with the purpose of raising money for Doctors Without Borders in Haiti.
Funchi donated three pairs of her knitted baby booties and two of them got snatched minutes after being listed (the third one didn't last long, either). It inspired me to do the same so I quickly contacted the Crafthope for Haiti - they have been listing new items constantly, more than 460 have already sold!

Since I don't have time to sew at the moment, I removed two items from my shop and sent them to crafthope - a drawstring pouch and a decorative heart.
Click on the crafthope button on the left to find out how to participate!

Other Etsyians have put their creative heads together and started different fundraising projects - like baahar, who has organized this give away to help the organization Architecture for Humanity.

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  1. It's wonderful that you donated your work to Crafthope and to hear of all the different fundraising projects being organized. I've donated to the American Red Cross with hope that my contribution will help those in need as well. My prayers and thoughts are with those who are suffering.


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