Saturday, 16 January 2010

Spring is coming... but not just yet.

Spring is coming, says this sign in a flower shop near my home. They offer a bouquet of 10 tulips for only 1.95 Euros (how could I resist, I bought one of the pale pink on far left).

But half an hour later, on my way through town, I captured this wintry sight by the water.

Oh, well, it would be a bit too much to expect winter to leave just when it's starting to have fun...


  1. I would have chosen the same color! Wow, tulips at this time of the year!

  2. Looks just like here.. ice is melting and some snow left :)

  3. Beautiful tulips! I used to live where they were grown, always had the house full of them :-D
    They are such resilient and happy flowers.

  4. I love tulips too! The way they keep growing on in a vase is amazing!! Enjoy your tulips.

  5. The flower shop looks so inviting! Tulips are my favorite flower. Simple and elegant. Enjoy! I hope they are warming up your day. :)


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