Thursday, 7 January 2010

Go west...

On the Etsy European Street Team forum thread there is always a big buzz of excitement when they count down the minutes to new spots opening on Etsy Treasury lists. The lists have a limited life time of 2-3 days and every day either a main list or so called test list of Treasuries West makes room for new curators.

This afternoon it was the "westies" opening and thanks to the lovely ESTsians Loddelina got featured in four of them. Thank you so much, FebystanDesigns, Kreativlink, HeliS and enchantedhue, for these amazing collections!

Treasury lists are like pretty shop window displays where everything fits together with perfectly matching colours and textures. I like to print/screen the most memorable sellections and keep them in an "inspirations" file - sometimes it even helps me track down a shop I have forgotten to mark as a favourite...

And this main Treasury feature came as a lovely surprise from mythunderstood, a funky jewelry and accessories shop. Thank you, Lisa!

It is almost 23h and I just checked the Treasury countdown clock on craftopolis - it looks like the main Treasury list is minutes away from opening - here comes the buzz...

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  1. Congratulations on all your features! Well deserved!


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