Wednesday, 6 January 2010


Yesterday, while grocery shopping before yet another bank holiday (you have to love Bavaria, from all the German regions they probably have the most public holidays), I bought myself my first bouquet of flowers in the new year.

As soon as I walked in the shop, I noticed that Christmas chocolates and glittering holiday decorations have disappeared from the most prominent shelves at the entrance - instead there were big buckets on the floor, filled with delicious bouquets of tulips in all colours of the rainbow! I love tulips and I don't remember seeing them in shops this early in winter. They were like a ray of sunshine on a cold and icy Tuesday so I came home with a bunch of 10 mauve tulips (costing less than 3 euros).


  1. Beautiful! I love tulips, too.

  2. Oh! What a wonderful idea! Think I'll get myself some fresh flowers today too. Could need that little promise for spring to come ...


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