Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Some yummy new fabric

I got these delicious cuts of basque cloth from my mother in law who purchased them at her recent visit to Pays Basque. Multicoloured striped cotton canvas is made by the artisans of La Maison d'Artiga and every year they launch a few new collections, using rich, contrasted colours as their trademark.

Basque cloth is traditionally used to make espadrilles that come from that very region but the vibrant stripes have inspired many other uses. As it is quite expensive, I like to use my precious swatches of basque cloth very carefully, mostly as embellishment by pairing them with solid colour fabrics, like in this case.
Since the picture was taken this morning, I have already cut out a few patterns and will be adding some new Pupa shoulder bags to my shop very soon...


  1. Luštnoooo, sploh tisti rumeno-zeleno-rozi.. pa tale spodnji z oranž pasom.. komaj čakam, da pokažeš nove lepotičke.

  2. They are very beautiful! Can´t wait to see what you make with them :)


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