Wednesday, 30 June 2010

I love Sophie

I recently finished the last Sophie Kinsella novel, Twenties Girl, and enjoyed yet another of her adorably flakey, good at heart heroines. Checking her home page today to see what titles she is preparing for her readers next, I found out she has only recently had a baby, a baby boy number 4! While her publicist is announcing another novel in a Shopaholic series for September, Sophie is enjoying her new baby Rex and this elegant old - fashioned pram she bought for the Becky Brandon in her.

The picture made me laugh and I remembered the first time I came across a Sophie Kinsella book - it was two years ago and I was browsing through English books section in a shop in Augsburg, trying to find a perfect book I would take to the hospital with me - my daughter was due any day and I wanted to have some nice reading just in case I get fed up with German tabloids. The title of her then latest novel, Shopaholic and Baby, immediately drew my attention and from the moment I opened the paperback, I was hooked!
Later that week, in maternity ward at the Augsburg's Josefinum Klinik, instead of resting from the labour, I spent every free minute devouring the book, not even noticing how the laughing made my stitches hurt...

After that I searched the Amazon for other Kinsella titles and spent many sleepless nights cuddling my new baby in one hand and holding the book in the other.

I can't wait to read the new Kinsella book, Mini Shopaholic - judging from the title, Becky's little girl is turning our to be just like her mother. I guess Kinsella, with her four plus one boys, will never get tired of writing plots for her girly heroines...


  1. I'm very behind on the Shopaholic books. I think I only read the first two. I guess I need to add these to my "to read" list!

  2. That's one amzing stoller! Lovin the look of your blog Damjana =)

  3. I enjoyed this post! I will check out one of those books, that should be fun! Thank you for sharing Damjana!


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