Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Antique store find

There was not much going on over the weekend and my mind is still on vacation mode, the only way to survive in this heat.
I did visit the Saturday craft market in Ljubljana but couldn't take decent pictures because of the blinding sunlight. Perhaps I will have better luck next weekend when I go back - the bright coloured stands, selling handmade pottery, fashion accessories and paper art are worth seeing again.

Talking about shopping, here is a tiny porcelain jewellery box I recently found on a dusty shelf of a local antique store in Pontarlier. The white bearded man, who runs the store, told me it is not considered an antique in his opinion, since it dates back only fifty years... But I fell in love with the lovely purple flower print (not hand painted, but still pretty) on creamy white porcelain body and the dark brass frame that snaps shut. The box holds a small, daily amount of jewellery, but I intend to use it mostly for decoration - and keep it away from the curious little fingers!


  1. I remember the craft market in Ljubljana and I still have small items I bought there, a wooden mortar with pestle for example! I enjoyed being there very much!
    The little porcelain box is adorable!!!

  2. What a treasure to find! Did he sell it to you for less because he didn't consider it an antique? I would love a nice jewelry box like that :)

  3. Na Art marketu si bila? Tvoji izdelki bi prav gotovo sodili tja med ustvarjalce in verjamem, da bi bile torbice, male in velike, ter srčki tam pogosto obiskan in kupljen artikel.
    Posodica je pa presladka.

  4. How cute is that?! Awesome find!

  5. That's a lovely find! And it looks great against that striped fabric, or perhaps it is one of your gorgeous bags!

    PS I love the new banner will the spools of thread!


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