Friday, 9 July 2010

Flashback Friday

It takes around 900 kilometres and 14 hours to travel from East of France to Slovenia's capital Ljubljana in our Citroën Berlingo, packed with two small children and eternally overastimated quantities of luggage.
The voyage is long because of frequent stops for snacking, nappy changing and playing at children friendly highway rest areas. In the car we listen to The Jungle Book soundtrack in a loop, count the big trucks that we pass on the way and the children fight over who's turn it is to play with mama's iPod touch.

Before having children, my husband and I would travel the same distance with much less fuss, stopping only for coffee and bathroom breaks. Sometimes we would travel through Italy and spend a night at a lovely B&B close to Lago di Garda, another time we would drive all night and cross the French-Swiss border at the Great St Bernard Tunnel.

The mountain pass at St Bernard (yes, that is where the famous snow rescue dogs come from) is closed over the winter due to snow but even in summer there are still patches of it lying on the ground above the deserted wooden cottage, where two bored customs officers yawn at you at seven in the morning. This picture was taken in mid July 2004 and the air that morning was fresh and icy - we didn't linger too long to enjoy the view but hurried back down the mountain to the French side...
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  1. Great flashback. Wow, 14 hours with the kids in the car. You are brave! I bet that's a beautiful trip though. I'd love to be somewhere in the summer where you can still see snow :)

  2. I have been in Slovenia twice and I loved that country very much! It is beautiful and the people are nice and outgoing. Everything is so clean and orderly there, the gardens in the little villages so nicely cared for and full of flowers. And I liked Ljubljana - lovely charming city!

  3. Wow 14 hours straight! You both must be great at entertaining the kids. :)

    I've never been to Slovenia but from your photos and stories it sounds like a beautiful country!

  4. Ja, ti prelazi so res nekaj posebnega - ko sredi poletja naletiš na zimo! :)


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