Monday, 5 July 2010

New in my shop

Today I finished another Pupa shoulder bag - this time I used the striped cloth only for the bottom of the bag and then paired it with medium weight canvas in dark khaki and added cherry red shoulder straps. I decorated it with some colourful embroidery thread and a button that matches the glass bead on the zipper pull in the back.

Although there are a few more bags "sketched" in my mind, it is time to tidy up my sewing corner because tomorrow is the final day of packing before my holidays in Slovenia! I have been looking forward to this trip for a long time - due to our recent move and the settling in perion in France, we haven't seen the Slovenian side of the family for over seven months.
This time the bags are going with me (they deserve a bit of a change as well) and I won't put my Etsy shop on vacation mode, so heart away! It also means I will be shipping the packages from Slovenia for the next three weeks.

I will keep posting as often as I can during my vacation - and who knows what coming back home might mean to Flashback Friday!


  1. What a sweet bag! I'm hitting a hobo bag frenzy. I made one for a friend and now my MIL wants me to make five for her and the other four as Christmas gifts. I loved the design but I think by the end of it I'm going to be burned out!

  2. The bag is lovely, like all the others in your shop!
    I wish you a wonderful happy sunny vacation, with a lot of excitement and family hugs! Have fun! And, some more Hebrew: tachseru be Shalom, which is: return in peace!

  3. This bag is a beauty! I love all the unique and special details throughout the bag. A work of art!

    Enjoy your time with your family. Have a wonderful trip!

  4. Great bags, nice blog!!!
    grt. Helmi


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