Friday, 2 July 2010

Footwear Friday

Today was supposed to be Flashback Friday but somehow I couldn't find inspiration on this hot July day.
Perhaps it was the heat that made my little one refuse her afternoon nap - and so at three o'clock, when I finally gave up trying to put her to bed, we went out into the sunny afternoon to buy some delicious home made ice cream from a local chocolatier.

We brought home vanilla and chocolate flavour (we can't decide which one is better so we'll have to taste them again) and on the way back I noticed the summer sale sign in the shoe shop where I have been recently admiring some pretty shoes by the Spanish footwear brand El Naturalista.
Luckily they still had some pairs in my size, so, no time like the present (and with melting ice cream helping me make a decision in record time), I purchased these leather beauties - they are made entirely from leather except for sturdy rubber soles, they have a toe-friendly round shape and are very comfortable due to soft, cushioned insoles. The natural dye that gives the shoes their lovely aubergine colour will apparently not stain the foot because of a double leather lining. This might be the beginning of a beautiful friendship!

Enjoy your weekend!


  1. I love your shoes! They look so comfortable - I'm always searching for stylish shoes that are comfy since I do so much walking and it's difficult to find nice ones that don't look like something a grandmother would wear! : )

  2. Wow those shoes are lovely, and the color is so very special!!
    Here in Israel we say when you buy something new: Titchadshi!!! It means: enjoy the new thing!!

  3. Ooo, najlepši čeveljci, kar jih je! Krasna barva in model čisto po mojem okusu.

  4. Oh my goodness, homemade ice cream in two flavors AND new, adorable shoes. Sounds like a great time to me!!!

  5. Love your new shoes! I am definitely into comfort and those shoes look super comfy and super lovely!


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