Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Winter impressions

The weather these days has been cold and windy, there is a promise of new snow in the air.
In spite of freezing temperatures, my parents' garden offers many interesting sights:

snowdrops waiting to open in the next sunny spell,

lifeless branches that will turn into a summer explosion of foliage,

frozen air bubbles in a water filled garden bucket

and my favourite, delicate lace on dried hortensia blossoms.


  1. Spring has sprung here in Texas. I knew even before the leaf buds popped up because all I've been doing is sneezing!

  2. You poor thing, I hope it doesn't get much worse than that...
    I would hate to be allergic to my favourite season!

  3. I LOVE LOVE LOVE snowdrops! Thank you for the photo Damjana!

  4. beautiful pictures, I so hope winter is gone and that spring will show up!!!! fingers crossed!

  5. Beautiful photos! I hope the spring will come soon.

  6. Amazing shots!!! I particularly like the one with bubbles! And the snowdrops, too.

  7. These photos are such a nice introduction to what spring will bring us. The bubbles in the bucket are fantastic. Hope it warms up soon so you can place a nice bouquet of flowers into that bucket!


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