Monday, 22 February 2010

My day Monday

Rose quartz
clockwise from top left: Katheyl, funchi, MGMart and mysticfibers.

It hasn't been very easy to blog lately, working on a tiny laptop and struggling to find the right keys on a French speaking keyboard....

My monday is almost over when I'm finaly posting this collection of pinks - that is how today was for me, all warm and sunny, smelling-of-spring kind of day.

And this past week I was featured in two Treasury lists - thank you, Kallia and seragun!


  1. I look forward to when you back to normal :)
    I miss my Damjana :) Plus we need to get a swap going!

  2. Hvala, da si v ta lepi kolaž postavila moje copatke! Si že preseljena, ali si še 'deklica iz škatlice' (tako sem pravila sama sebi, ko sem se neko obdobje kar naprej selila)? Lepo bodi!

  3. Oh, yes, Fallon, I haven't forgotten, it has been crazy lately - but I have managed to set up my sewing corner so there will be some new stuff to chose from soon!

    Funchi, se vedno sem v skatlah - selitev v novo stanovanje je predvidena sele v aprilu...

  4. Spring??Not here but this collection sure does feel like it :-D

  5. I love dusty pink shades. Your mosaic has a peaceful and soothing feel. I hope that is how you are feeling and you are settling comfortably into your new life in France. Enjoy!

  6. these are so delicate and pretty! i love it thats why my main theme for our wedding is going to be vintage inspired.


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