Monday, 15 February 2010

My day monday

Cockwise from top left:
Tomorrow is Carnival Tuesday and in Slovenia, where I grew up, people would always look forward to dressing up in costume and joining the processions and festivities, children and adults alike. We didn't know Halloween back then but for "Pust" or "Fasching", as they say in the German world, my mother would ask my brother and I what kind of costume we would like and then she would make them for us.
Carnival time is also a time of doughnuts and just as we were leaving Germany I took a picture of this lovely and colourful sellection of "Krapfen" at our local Augsburg bakery...

I will miss the Krapfen but I may have found an even tastier replacement - these yummy home made macarons from a charming little patisserie in Pontarlier, called Aux Petits Gourmands...


  1. I'd take those macaroons over krapfen any day! So pretty and colorful!!

    I'm just catching up on things and I'm sad you've moved to France, but I can't wait to hear more about your new adventures.

  2. Yes, we're in France now, boy, do I miss my macchiato with butter bretze, what is it with the French and black coffee only?

    But I'm stil an expat and we will be stopping in Augsburg every time we travel to Slovenia; it is almost halfway and we can see our friends that way.

  3. YAY!!! Shes in France!!! Shall I send my laundry list of things I want you to send me???haha--
    THANKS for including my undead marie antoinette among all the tastey confectionary! mmmmmm--love those macaroons...

  4. Send away, Heather Louise, I'll see what I can do. I might be tempted to open another Etsy shop...

  5. If you do open another etsy shop you have to call it "" . Just try to convince me that trillions of people arent desperately googling this right now. Go on try!

    Im digging your around town photeez. So quaint! If you ever join facebook gimme a shout!

  6. Ahhhh , doughnuts and macaroons...I would like a couple of each right now. :)

  7. oh yum. those bakery images are making me hungry.


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