Thursday, 4 February 2010

Still here


What a week this has been!

The moving van (rather a small truck) has been booked weeks in advance but the orders got mixed up and we ended up with a much smaller cargo space than expected. We somehow managed to load it up, stuffing smaller items in every available spot and leaving lots of things behind - some we donated to a nearby second hand shop, some we left outside the house for passers-by (a common practice in Germany, like a free garage sale - those items that people still find useful will be taken within hours, even faster if you do it on a weekend...).

Our backs hurt from carrying boxes and boxes and boxes (I couldn't believe how much stuff a family of four accumulates in three years) and our hands are raw from cleaning, scrubbing, washing. Today, after a week of non stop action, the completely empty flat (we had to take out the entire kitchen and leave nothing but bare walls) has finally been given back to the owner. The release papers have been signed and tomorrow morning we leave our friendes, who have kindly let us stay at their place for these last crazy days, and drive towards France.

To be continued...
À suivre...

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