Saturday, 19 March 2011

Free as a bird

Here she is, LEELOU, a new small cross body satchel from Loddelina.

This bag is a smaller version of my Luna messenger, with adjustable strap and a zippered pocket, hidden under the front flap that closes with a magnetic snap.
You might remember the colours and the bird embroidery from one of my previous designs, a Pupa shoulder bag, made from black denim, gold yellow jacquard and with a cherry red shoulder strap.

The bag is now available in my shop. Happy weekend!


  1. GREAT bag Damjana, it really is!!!

  2. Čeprav barvna lestvica bolj redko paše k meni, pa so mi te tvoje torbe všeč zaradi do potankosti domišljenih in dodelanih detajlčkov, ki olajšajo oz. pošteno izboljšajo njihovo uporabo. Ko bi vsi izdelovalci tako zelo mislili na uporabnice.
    Luštna.. upam, da kmalu dobi novo lastnico.

  3. Beautiful! Glad I stopped by to see how you've been keeping busy. Always a pleasure to visit.

  4. Meni pa je najbolj všeč ptičja kletka!! Kakšen super detajl! Barvna lestvica in velikost pa lih zame!

  5. It was worth the wait Damjana! It's beautiful! Love the dark denim with the red trim and embroidered details. This one should fly off the shelf!

    Love the title of your post. It seems to refer to the bag and also to your weekend. ;)

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend my dear and take some time for a nice coffee and some relaxing. You deserve it. :)

  6. Hvala & thank you, ladies, it means a lot!


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