Wednesday, 16 March 2011

What is taking so long ?!

If any of you were wondering where those promised new bags are, here's a more detailed description of my very slow bag making process...

I am working on a new design, a smaller version of Luna messenger bag and things just keep coming in the way. I will not bore you with details but rather list the work stages of my latest bag that stretch over the past 5 (!) days:

Stage 1
evening after the children have gone to bed
duration : 2h 30
Designing the new bag, matching the fabrics, buttons, trims, zippers (at the end I decided to partly revisit my previous design, Free as a bird Pupa shoulder bag). Drawing the pattern and making notes of all additional ideas.

Stage 2
two evenings later
duration: 1h
Cutting the main fabric, lining and interfacing. Fusing the interfacing (since my iron was still hot from having ironed the laundry).

Stage 3
short break while my little one naps
duration: 45 min
Sewing the golden mustard jacquard pieces onto black denim, freehand machine embroidery on the flap.

Stage 4
last night
duration: 1h
Finishing the flap, sewing the front zippered pocket, swivel hook band and interior pocket

Stage 5
Not much longer now... I have to put exterior and interior parts of the bag together, insert the flap and adjustable strap and the new satchel will be ready for photo shoot tomorrow...

Thing that is keeping me awake in the evening (when I wouldn't mind going to bed at nine) is the new coffee machine we bought last weekend to replace the broken one. It makes delicious expresso and I like to pour mine in a small bowl, adding lots of milk froth and a cube of cane sugar. Mmmmm...

Thank you all for participating in jaebumfangirl's giveaway to win my zippered pouch. Over 350 responses in two days, I am impressed!
There is still time to participate, giveaway ends 21st of March.


  1. Look forward to seeing the new design. I will be patient as I realize you have a very busy life!

    Can I come over for a cup of coffee? :)

  2. Oh, yes, Elisa, any time! And bring cookies!

  3. I think it'll be something pretty awesome! Looking forward for new design!

  4. Oh how heavenly it is to have a nice espresso machine! I always miss mine when we are away from home, but luckily people around us are seeing the light and getting them too :)

    The bag ,once done will be fabulous! The breaks to enjoy the kids are well used time too :)

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