Wednesday, 23 March 2011

New in the neighbourhood

It has been a while since I added new tiny houses to my shop but a few days ago two of the brooches got sold and I had to make some more - so here they are, four new homes in the neighbourhood.

Remember this Gaston's drawing?

And while I was sewing away, sprig arrived - days are suddenly getting sunny and much warmer and trees in the park are full of bird song. I couldn't find any flowers poking out of the ground on this high altitude to take nice pictures of so I made my houses even more cheerful instead...

:: :: ::

Happy spring!


  1. Love them all! I still have your house keychain on my car keys. I think of you everytime I grab them :)

  2. I too love those houses Damjana and I love mine!!!!
    Did you ever think of adding half a teaspoon full of lavender to the filling??? :-)

  3. Čudovita soseščina. Me veseli, da si jih začela spet nalagat na poličke.

  4. Goodnes, those are just so precious!


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