Saturday, 4 September 2010

The colours of Alsace

Last week my husband and I spent a couple of days in Alsace - the home country of storks.
We stayed at a budget hotel in Colmar (and rather spent the leftover money on delicious food) and on the second day drove a few miles further north to a small vine - growing town ofRibeauville. It is just as beautiful as Colmar but much less crowded so we could enjoy our walk and take pictures without ending up having (too many) tourists in them.

Everywhere we turned there was a podstcard-perfect view and at the end we couldn't say which house, street or doorway we loved more. Even with the harsh midday sunlight, the pictures I took with my tiny camera still came out ok.

The flowers and the colours of Ribeauville are an endless inspiration - may they spice up your September creativity!


  1. Love the photos. Especially the first one :) What a wonderful place.

  2. What a charming place and your photos are beautiful! You're just like I am when it comes to taking photos - I take them as though I would want to frame them for my wall so they have very few people in them but sometimes I've been asked why don't my photos have any people in them? :)

  3. Yes, what an adorable place Damjana! I can see you enjoyed this outing with your husband very much!! And for me it was a pleasure to see the photos and to read your post! Thank you!
    Hugs, Yael.

  4. These photos are amazing Damjana! Such vibrant colors and beautiful surroundings. I especially love the photo of the bike.

    Now I am day dreaming of walking in those lovely streets. :)

  5. Oh, Colmar, obožujem to lepo pravljično mestece!!


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