Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Heart in the gutter?

Beauty can be found in most unexpected of places.
I discovered this heart shaped, mason-like symbol on one of the gutter grids near our house while playing outside with my children. What could be more fun than throwing pebbles through the grid and waiting to hear the sound they make?

Happy autumn!


  1. Cutest gutter grid I ever saw =)

  2. What an eye for the special you have Damjana!!!
    I am sure not everyone would have noticed that!!!

  3. Very sweet! Way to spot the unexpected.

  4. You do have such an eye for finding amazing things! I am sure most people would not have noticed that. You are really inspiring me to carry my camera more often. :)

  5. Love that picture~ I don't think I would ever notice it! Happy Wednesday, I'm over from Scoutie girl!


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