Monday, 20 September 2010

My day Monday - The flood

It has been a while since I put together my monday mood board, a set of Etsy items corresponding a certain theme...

Water everywhere

... And what a theme to restart the series!
I can't think of much else today other than the horrible floods, caused by three straight days of heavy rain, that turned Slovenia into one big muddy lake.
Most of the rivers have burst their banks and even Ljubljana, the capital, was severely flooded, some towns are still cut off by the high water and there are many landslides threatening to wipe away roads and people's houses.

images:, www.siol. net


  1. Thanks a lot for featuring my bag dear :)

    Yes, floods are horrible. Didn't know that the situation was that bad in Slovenia. I hope the government is handling the situation appropriately.

  2. Oh dear I hope the floods subside quickly. Is it still raining?

  3. Lovely selection! But these floods must be difficult to live :(

  4. This is heartbreaking! I feel so sorry for the people there! I cannot believe it - water up to the windows! Everything inside probably lost! How sad! I hope the rain stops and help is available quick! Do you have any family there Damjana? If so, are they fine? It must be so hard for you to see this - but I am so glad you are save!

  5. The rain has apparently stopped and the waters are going down but they are leaving behind an enormous amount of damage...

  6. Oh how terrible! I couldn't imagine flooding like that. We average 4 inches a year, that must be absolutely mind blowing to see in your town.


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