Tuesday, 28 September 2010

A fox? Me?

Let me present a brand new member of Loddelina family - GOGA wristlet.
She (a lady, what else) is 16 cm 6.2") tall, has a roomy, 6.5 cm (2.5") wide bottom (she dines out a lot) and closes with a 18 cm (7") zipper. Detachable wrist strap has a swivel hook and there is a small interior pocket in the lining.

I chose black denim for my first wristlet and sewed a red wool felt applique in front - in the shape of a fox (I wasn't sure if it really looks like a fox but my two year old daughter recognized it as such, which is good enough for me...).
Inspiration behind this woodland creature applique comes from Elisa, the creative force behind peskycatdesigns, one of my favourite Etsy shops, filled with unique, nature inspired bags.


  1. Oh dear, this is SO lovely!!!!
    And it LOOKS like a fox, of course it does!!!

  2. O ja je lisička. Zelo luštna in dodelana.

  3. I send kisses for your daughter :) I love that new member in your shop!

  4. Fuuuuul huda :) Samo to mi pade na pamet. Lepa oblika, lepa aplikacija in ustrezna podloga. Taka čista... za imet :)

  5. I thought I left a comment yesterday. I must of forgotten the final click.

    I really love your new foxy purse! And it most definitely looks like a fox. I am sure it will sell very soon! I'm happy I was able to provide some inspiration. Your blog and your creativity is always an inspiration to me as well!


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