Thursday, 30 September 2010

Little houses - keychain charms

I have been toying with the idea of making some keychain ornaments, a bit like my decorative hearts but smaller, to keep the keys company and make them easier to find in the depths of a woman's handbag.

At the end I decided to make tiny houses kechain charms with little doors and windows made of felt and freehand machine embroidery. I have a lot of leftover fabric, patches too small to make anything other than very small objects and this seemed like a perfect solution. I attached a split ring to the "chimney" of each house and am quite pleased with the three I made today (once I knew what I wanted they didn't took too long to finish).

I might try some hand stitching next time or add beads and trims to make the houses more festive - they are all stuffed with plant fibre filling so can also be used as pincushions or even christmas ornaments...


  1. Oh, they are sweet and I want one!!!

  2. Prav luštkane hiške. Tudi sama že nekaj časa razmišljam, da bi se lotila kakšne mini variantice iz blaga, saj se bliža čas velikega obdarovanja in vsakemu rada kaj drobnega podarim. Majhnih končkov blaga pa je polna delavnica. Te hiške bodo sigurno hit!

  3. Ooo, kok kjuti. Meni so vse te tvoje reči tako zelo všeč, ker se vidi, da si si prav za vsako vzela čas in dodala kaj unikatnega :)

  4. Thanks!
    Fallon, as we all know, is the author of amazing house pillows on Etsy...

  5. These are so adorable!! What a great new addition to your shop. I think these will sell like hot cakes. The colors, embroidery, design and your lovely logo on the back-just perfect!


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