Friday, 15 October 2010

And then there were thee more

I finished three more house brooches last night and after taking pictures in the afternoon I listed them in my shop this evening.

The first one came out slightly smaler than the others because I make these brooches from little leftover patches of fabric - so it turned out to look more like a tiny garden shed...

The pink house needed something to make these candy colours more interesting so I added a bit of orange trim with green dots. Come in, Hansel and Gretel!

And the last one turned out to be my favourite - I will definitely make me a brooch in this delicious burnt orange colour (if I find the time, that is...).

Enjoy your Weekend!


  1. I LOVE those. How completely adorable. What a fun idea for an accessory!

  2. I think my favorite one is the one with the dots but they are all so sweet! I just had a thought that they would make the nicest Christmas tree ornaments as well. I just love the happy colors. So inviting!


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