Saturday, 23 October 2010

Homemade play dough

Today is the first day of autumn school holidays, a week and a haf of hopefully not too cold and rainy days spent with my children. Some children workshops have been planned for next week and visits to Grandma as well, but I started preparing some crafting ideas, in case we get stuck at home with freeizing cold weather outside.
My children love to draw, unfortunatelly my youngest prefers to express herself on all other surfaces except the paper so she can never be left alone with a box of crayons. Her older brother loves to cut out things with scissors but that again becomes a dangerous tool in the hands of his sister.

So the safest occupation for both seemed the play dough, better still, play dough that they can eat (if only by accident). I first thought of salt dough - cheap to make but unfortunatelly doesn't stay fresh very long, according to some only a couple of weeks in the fridge. But yesterday I came across this wonderful post from The Mama Dramalogues blog, a source of inspiration, laughter and support...

image: The Mama Dramalogues

... - the recipe for homemade play dough. It requires some cooking but once made it will last for years and you can add food colourants and even some vanilla or peppermint extract to make it smell nice (and even more attractive for the children to eat...).
I will try it out in the next couple of days - I wonder if food colourants can be washed out of carpets, curtains and clothes...


  1. ehehhehehh... is that a miniature rolling pin or giant monster sized play dough ????

  2. hehehe I hope that the crayon washed out of that lovely table cloth. The only thing I need to worry about is my kitty tearing my furniture apart. No chance of artistic expression on table cloths.
    The play dough looks like so much fun. And yes, I am also curious about that rolling pin!

  3. That is our first table cloth since we have children and it is waxed cotton canvas, I can wipe everything off.

    But felt tip pen on hardwood floors or ballpoint pen on grandma's leather couch, that is something completely different...

  4. My mom used to make me play dough, I loved it. She didn't use colors or scents, but I really liked the way it smelled!


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