Monday, 4 October 2010

The challenge - And the winner is...

I want to thank you all who entered their work in this week's EST challenge, following my theme Marie Antoinette.

I had to choose among these 10 beautiful entries:

:: Marie Antoinette's never experienced romantic voyage in Africa cuff by LaTouchables,
:: a more contemporary, Kirsten Dunst's version of Marie Antoinette in sneakers by Ginaregina,
:: stunning set of knotted frozen-like lace earrings and necklace by staroftheeast,
:: amazing back-in-time pearls and cameo choker by helmitarha,
:: very clever transformation of painted porcelain plate into a necklace by Anakit,
:: nostalgic deep blue swarovski crystal necklace by LeelaBijou,
:: breathtaking antique treasure lace made into a decadent collar by lucietales,
:: soft as a cloud silk-merino-cashmere cape for those chilly nights at Versailles by nauliknits,
:: sweet rococo flowers from Marie Antoinette's country gardens by DinaFragola and
:: lovely sparkling chandeliers of Versailles earrings by gr8jewellery.

Imposible to chose the winner but one has to be named in order to select the next week's challenge theme...

So... when I think of rococo, the first thing that comes to mind are pastel coloured bouquets of flowers everywhere, wide damask crinoline skirts with flower embroidery and silk flowers, birds and butterflies, embedded in perruques and hats of Versailles ladies...
Well, everybody knows I like flowers, right?

So I chose DinaFragola's tiny flower bed necklace - congratulations, Nathalie!


  1. Yayyyy, Nathalie--it's a fitting tribute to Marie Antoinette! Beautiful, and congratulations! I am looking forward to the new theme!

  2. Yayy for Dina! A grand theme it was :)

  3. All entries are wonderful!
    You chose well!!!

  4. What beautiful entries! Congrats to Dina! Her necklace is so unique!


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