Tuesday, 26 October 2010

A view from my window

Last week we saw season's first snowflakes, mixed with rain...

But my suncatcher charmed the clouds away and the new week started with crisp, hardly-above-freezing cold, yet sunny weather!

I finished another wristlet today, made from charcoal grey wool cloth - cold weather makes me want to work with wooly fabrics again, but the colours are a bit too sad so I try to cheer them up with some hand embroidery.

One more wristlet is waiting by the sewing machine - I hope I can list it tomorrow, so far it doesn't feel quite finished, I have to take another look at it tomorrow by daylight to make up my mind...


  1. What a beautiful wristlet! It does not look sad at all. Your embroidery is the perfect touch.
    May I say that I completely envy your view. I just love the windows on those homes. I can imagine the streets and town are just as charming.

  2. Great new bag, love the wooliness.

    Boy do we live on seperate continents. I pray to God FOR rain. An average of 4 inches a year just doesn't cut it! Perhaps you can send your clouds here?

  3. What a good idea Damjana, to brighten the new wristle a little bit with those colored stitches! Sometimes a simple embellishment is just the final touch which is needed to make something perfect!
    Regards from our new kitty to your kids!! :-)

  4. Čudovita, elegantna.. vezenje doda piko na i.
    Upam, da sta malčka že bolje?


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