Thursday, 28 October 2010

My workspace

To reassure my Etsy Holiday Camp buddy Elisa that I am still pursuing our goal to add 60 new items in our shops by December 1st - here is a photo of my current work space:

A bit messy, with empty chocolate wrappers quickly put in the bin and bits of thread swept away...

Yesterday I listed the other wooly wristlet, a pale winter version, inspired by the latest EST challenge theme - snowflakes (you may see other entries so far HERE).

This morning we went to farmers' market with the children. I love chrysanthemum - and apparently, so does Lily.

In the afternoon I worked on some more house brooches. I was "sew" close to finishing two of them but then nap time was over and since it was another beautiful sunny afternoon I just had to take the children out again. The best choice was nearby cycling park, a place with nicely kept grass (thanks to more conscious variety of French dog owners) and paved, meandering cycling path where older children can safely burn their calories while mothers chat and keep an eye on toddlers.

More sewing tomorrow, I promise, Elisa!
And now - to bed.
Good night!


  1. 60 items by December 1st? That's very ambitious! I wish you luck in meeting your goal =)

  2. Haha, Fallon, I have 38 left to go - but still, ambition is my middle name (or is it stubbornness, I always forget)

  3. So much fun that Elisa and you are motivating each other, good luck with the remaining 38!

  4. Thank you so much for sharing!
    Lovely pictures!
    Good luck with your plan!

  5. I have complete faith in you Damjana that you will reach your goal my friend! And those sweet house brooches are going to sell like hotcakes. :)

    By the way, I would have liked to see the chocolate wrappers. hehe

    This challenge was a great idea and has really helped to motivate me. I need to complete 36 more items so we both need to make approximately 1.2 items per day until December 1st. I know we can do it!


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