Thursday, 25 November 2010

Days of the week

I recently did a friendly swap with Fallon, an Etsy friend who runs the lovely pillow shop Olive and two other shops with vintage treasures and supplies; and today my package arrived!

In exchange for my zippered pouch and a key chain I asked Fallon to make me a special garland to mark the days of the week. My son goes to preschool here in France and the classes are only four days a week with Wednesdays and the weekends off. Sometimes he finds it difficult to understand which day it is and whether we have time in the morning to play a little or if we have to hurry to school. So Fallon made me a banner of little houses in two colours, green for school days and blue for no school days, and she sewed the names of the days on them in French. She added a sweet little bird clip to attach to each house as the days go by.

I love the cheerful garland so much I decided not to hang it in children's room, where they don't play very often anyway, but to pin it on the wall by the entrance to our appartment, where we put our shoes and coats on in the morning. From our breakfast table we can see over the kitchen counter straight onto the wall and from now on the whole family will have our day "synchronized".


  1. Yey! So happy you like it, looks wonderful in your home =)

  2. Yes, the garland looks wonderful in your home! Love all the different fabrics for each letter. Happy Synchronization!

  3. What a great idea, looks so pretty too!

  4. Gorgeous! Love it! Here in Sweden we have a song on the children's programs where they learn the days of the week... But keeping track of them is still hard...

  5. That is such a cool idea and great work!
    Congrats to the successful swap!


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