Tuesday, 2 November 2010

What's new?

After a weekend break (with a visit to local DinoZOO with my children), it is time to go back to work!
I just finished a custom work, some decorative hearts, and added three new items to my shop: two house brooches and a zippered pouch.

Yes, I know, I'm "cheating" my way into reaching Etsy holiday camp goal by making only smaller items... But these days it is hard to sew bigger items fast enought with daylight gone by teatime... Still, more larger bags will be added in my shop in the next couple of weeks.

And to add some percpective regarding my work, I decided to join tumblr - you may find matwww.loddelina.tumblr.com! So far, after an hour of clicking around the site a bit, I have to say I like this mix of blog and social network, short and without all the unnecessary apps. Within minutes of joining and posting a few pictures I received some comments and one post got reblogged, a very friendly way to get known around the tumblr community and beyond. Keep tuned to see how this thing evolves...

*And for those of you who are wondering about DinoZOO; it is a theme parc with, well, dinosaurs and with everything you want to know about the prehistoric times - a very nice place to visit, even on a rainy Sunday.


  1. Custom work.... for me?! Heehee. That park looks great. One of my favorites things ever was seeing a t-rex skeleton. Amazing!

    I wish you happy sewing =)

  2. Hi Damjana, I checked you out at tumblr - the photo with the little houses is so great!
    Lovely new pouch too! Thought of making one with a little dinosaur on it? :-)
    I wish that your day will be nice!

  3. The zoo looks like a wonderful place. I'm sure your kids loved it.

    Keep up the great work with the holiday boot camp challenge. I am like you, I only sew in daylight and once the sun goes down I stop. I guess that means we have to get up extra early these days. So set your alarm clock and I'll set mine!


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