Monday, 15 November 2010

My day Monday

warm & brown

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I'm in a brown mood after having finally finished my new design - PIPPA shoulder bag .
Pippa is the younger, smaller sister of Pupa - she doesn't like to carry around a lot of stuff, just enough to go out on a date or meet your girlfriends for coffee and cake.

I find the new bag very practical - it closes securely with a magnetic clasp on the front flap and once opened, it yawns widely to make all the contents quickly accessible. Small interior zippered pocket will keep the smaller items in place.


  1. You picked some lovely, warm browns. Makes me think of a nice cup of hot cocoa! I love that teddy hat. I think I want one like that for me :) Your bag is SO pretty. It has enough neutral color to go with so many things, but a nice little pop of color!

  2. Čudovita nova torbička je, res prava za prijetno popoldansko potepanje ali kavo v dobri družbi.
    Ti pa si sama svojim izdelkom najboljši model :) Mi je všeč, da lahko hkrati pokažeš več lepih izdelkov :) Tako si tudi tisti brez vizualnih predstav lahko ogledajo, kako velike so broške in torbice. Nekako je takoj bolj jasno, kot pa samo s cm dimenzijami :)

  3. Lovely and warm brown collection. You are in the warm mood;) And the bag is so cute.

  4. Your mosaic puts me in the mood for caramel and hot chocolate. Very pretty.

    Such a lovely new bag with so many pretty details. The perfect size as well.


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