Saturday, 6 November 2010

Greeting cards

I like to shop for gifts on Etsy and it is always nice when the seller includes a little something extra for me in the package, knowing that I will be giving the purchased item away.

My recent customer bought three zippered pouches she intends to give as Christmas gifts - it made me think it would be a nice idea to include a little blank card with each item so buyers could add a personal message to the handmade present they give.
That little extra something for the customer who ends up giving all the goodies away will remain a secret ;) but here is how my little cards look like: I bought small lavender and aqua envelopes and put a piece of cream cardstock in each, drawing little winter birds and flowers on them.

At the moment I am trying out a new design, a small shoulder bag to add to the Loddelina family - so far the only fresh thing in my shop is a cheerful Mia pencil case, a perfect companion to this messenger bag.

1 comment:

  1. Luštna darilca. Verjamem, da kupci cenijo, ko priložiš kaj takega, kar sodi zraven.
    Ker vem, koliko mi po meni, če je prejeti paketek lepo zapakiran, se tudi jaz potrudim.


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