Thursday, 18 November 2010

Flashback Friday - tag me!

Tomorrow is my 20th High School graduation class reunion - I couldn't believe it was really that long ago until one of my school friends, the one organizing the reunion, sent us this picture taken in May 1990.

Don't laugh!
Ok, you may laugh, so did I...

But once you are done laughing at funny hairdos, geeky jeans and padded Tshirts, I have a little game for you: can you find me in the picture?
It is not easy so I will give you a hint: my outfit could participate in the recent Etsy European Street Team's challenge that I won - you might have to look a few posts back to find the answer...

The first one who leaves a comment saying which one in the picture am I (top or bottom row, from left to right), gets a handmade Loddelina surprise - and no cheating from those who are in the picture with me! (although I'll be happy to hear from you as well :)

Happy tagging!

Post your own flashback at Christopher & Tia's blog!


  1. Hmmmm I don't know which post your talking about but I'm gonna guess you are the standing row third for the right (to the left of the red sweater).

    This was fun! haha!

  2. coucou damjana sympa le jeu je crois que tu es la 4 eme personne assise par terre a partir de la gauche tu as une chemise a carreau et un jean et des chaussures noir ;)

  3. Oh...I don't know! :-D Give us another clue!

  4. I'd say the nr. 9 from left in the second row: the tall one with the long blond hair.

    And I had nothing to laugh about, sorry :)

  5. EST Challenge, ladies; what was the theme that made me win it a few weeks ago?

    No, Rita, you are right, it is no laughing matter when you look at the picture of yoursef from so many years ago...
    At least the music we were listening to back than is still cool (well, some of it, hehe)

  6. The one with the striped tshirt!!!!!
    First row, second from the left :D

  7. Yes, Estella, I knew you would get it!
    Your surprise is waiting - let me know where to send it... :)

  8. Ah too late to win...not that I would have guessed anyway :P
    I think you all look perfectly sweet :)

  9. Not even distant look-a-like of certain Robert Smith...My guess was 1st rowe, at the rigt end.


  10. Yaaaay :D
    After all I was the one that hosted the challenge and loved your entry :)

  11. Thank you all for playing the guessing game - it was tough, I wouldn't have recognized myself if I wasn't there the day this picture was taken...

  12. Lovely! No laughing matter here - just smiles!!

  13. you should see mine from 1970!....that´s a culture shock...

  14. I cheated and read the comments and saw that Estella won. yay!! Congrats to her.
    I should have guessed that you are the one with the striped shirt. Even as a child you stood out from the crowd!


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