Friday, 21 January 2011

Flashback Friday

It has been a while since I played Flashback Friday with Tia...

So clicking through some older folders on my computer I found these photos, taken with my phone a few years ago during our stay in Augsburg, Germany. I usually carry my digital camera with me but sometimes it gets left behind and I am forced to capture an interesting moment with much more basic phone camera.

I find these four pictures very characteristic of our German experience (clockwise from top left):
- very determined Madame Chancellor
- "No ball playing" sign in front of the grocery store
- one of the local breweries
- whimsical decor in a bathroom of a Biergarten


  1. Wow, your cellphone took awesome pics! Same thing happened to me the last time we went to the zoo and all I had was my BlackBerry. Turns out it takes pretty nice pictures, all things considered. No playing ball? That's no fun!

  2. Amazing what you captured using a phone camera!

    By the way, I though perhaps that sign said "no sitting on the wall". hehe


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