Monday, 3 January 2011

My workspace - new pastels

Here is a sneak peek of what is coming next to Loddelina shop: some new and improved Mia zippered pouches I have been working on over the past two days.

I bought some imported Italian corduroy on my last visit to Slovenia and deliberately chose these soft, pastel colours to put me in the spring mood; lime green, robin egg blue, sky blue and dark salmon.
So far I made a few small zippered purses, same size as the Mia pouch (20 x 11 cm, 8x4.5"), only a little roomier with a 2 cm (3/4") wide bottom. To take a few steps outside my comfort zone I paired the fabric with (at least for me) unexpected colour of zipper and embroidered a blossoming cherry branch in front for a fresh, spring look.

I am quite happy with the result, a soft, elegant cosmetic pouch that allows us ladies to carry even more stuff in our handbags...
I tried to take more pictures today but the afternoon light is very cool, almost blue these days so I will take fresh pictures tomorrow morning - new pouches will be available in my shop tomorrow afternoon at the latest!


  1. Jeeeej, kake sladke barve ♥ ♥ ♥ to pa bo luštno gledat objave na blogu, če bodo zdaj vse v tako simpatičnih barvah :)
    Saj tiste natur so tudi lepe.. ampak so natur, jesenske.. :))) tele pa bodo bombončkasto sladoledne, z vonjem po poletju.

  2. Saj vem, do pomladi je še daleč, letos je tudi Pust zelo pozno, a mene že vleče k tulipanom...


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