Thursday, 27 January 2011

Work in progress

Here is the bag I have been working on for the last couple of days, a custom order for Heather, who has been a real pleasure to communicate with.

Heather saw my Pippa shoulder bag in brown chenille but found bag's current size too small for her needs so she asked if I could make a larger version of the same design.

After I resized the Pippa pattern, trying to keep the familiar proportions, I found this gorgeous cotton canvas in oatmeal with cherry flowers print in burgundy and white. I think it lines the mink brown chenille perfectly and I hope Heather will agree with me.

Here is a quick peek at my sewing table; the two sides of the bag have to be sewn together and at the end I will attach the shoulder straps.

I will consider adding this new, larger Pippa to my shop, but how shall I name the new design?


  1. Hehe, thanks, Yael, I like it...

  2. The Large Pippa! The inside is as pretty as the outside. I love this new bag design!

  3. Wow! You work fast! This is looking so beautiful! I'm LOVING it! Heather

  4. Call it 'Pippa Grande'...just a thougth. It's a real beauty, and I see the tone of work that goes into it.

  5. I just love that mix of fabrics. Call it "Big Pippa" like "Big Pimpin"...hee hee


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